I don't automatically view mental problems as illnesses or disorders, but rather as difficulties in the interaction between individuals and their environment.

Each of us enters the world with unique, biologically determined physical and psychological characteristics. In this world, we encounter social structures and normative beliefs shaped by cultural, political, and economic influences. Often, we don't have the freedom to choose our position in society: The colour of our skin, our gender, sexual orientation, the presence or absence of disabilities, the socioeconomic status of our parents. Yet, all these aspects play an important role in how we experience ourselves in relation to others, while simultaneously shaping an external framework of demands and limitations that influence our personal development. Another crucial role is played by the individual experiences and behavioral patterns we have learned in early significant relationships, especially within the family, which we carry with us into the present and can pose challenges along the journey.

Just like in other medical disciplines, in psychiatry and psychotherapy, we use diagnostic systems that attempt to bring order to the infinite variety of individual stories and constellations, as well as structure treatment options. Insurance companies require this, and when suffering becomes manifested as concrete complaints and specific symptoms, it can be very helpful to have differentiated and well-established treatment approaches available.

As a therapist, I see my role as that of a companion in exploring and understanding the causes of suffering and limitations. At the same time, I see myself as a helper in the search for possible paths of change and in implementing the first important steps. Together with you, I strive to formulate and review the treatment goals at the beginning and regularly throughout therapy. It is important to me that you can express your desires and concerns, and that you feel safe and well-informed throughout the entire therapy process.

Drawing from my personal background, I approach my therapeutic work with sensitivity to the unique experiences of individuals belonging to marginalized groups (LGBTQ+, BIPoC).

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